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65 Your Way

Challenge yourself this May! Ask friends, family, neighbours, schools to sponsor you while completing a task based around the number 65.

12:00AM - 11:59PM Saturday 1st - Monday 31st May 2021

Challenge yourself this May!

65 Your Way involves getting friends, family, neighbours, schools or workplace to sponsor you throughout May while completing a task based around the number 65 or if you prefer, create your own fundraising activity. You can do this your way.

It could be a physical challenge, like 65 push-ups a day. Or it could be an intellectual one (like reading 65 pages of War and Peace?).

But it could also be absolutely anything at all.

You could make and eat a soup with 65 different ingredients; you could zoom yourself dancing to 65 different songs. You could practice a new instrument for 65 hours in a month, do 65 hours of maths homework or cut off 65cm of hair. Anything works, so long as it’s fun and helps raise much needed funds for people living with cystic fibrosis.

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Other thought-starters include:

Do 65 squats each day inside or outside  
Team up with friends to read 65 books
Pull out 65 weeds or plant 65 roses 
Riding 65 km on an exercise bike
Cooking 65 cupcakes to distribute to your friends
Holding an online trivia night with the theme 65